Wiku Pangkon

Wingku Pangkon

Wingku Pangkon is is a monk who directly receives his teaching from God through the guidance of high priest, holy spirits of the ancestors as well invisible masters.
During the process I intuitively feel a call from a distance that I should visit the place where the call comes from.
And so it was that I received a strong calling and urge to visit the mother temple Besakih.
Where upon I discovered from the priest that a long time ago before the present construction of Besakih a great priest named Uda Bhatara Empu Kuturan came to visit and bokes around the area.
Based on his powerful spiritual awareness he advise and gave instruction to entablish a temple which we know inherit as The Besakih Temple.
After studying the history of my family and our family tree, I discovered that the great priest Ida Bathara Empu Kuturan was my great ancestor.
I pray that with his guidance I will be able to perform my duties as the next Wingku Pangkon crowned by the great priest who receives his direction from God almighty.