In Bali, Hindu religion we learn the concept of 4 phases (Catur Asrama)
There are : Brahmacari Asrama, Grahasta, Wanaprasta and Biksukha.

Brahmacari Asrama : Is the Phase learning

Grahasta Asrama : Is the phase of getting married.
This phase is a second phase after Brahmacari Asrama. It is started with a ceremony named Wiwaha Samskara (wedding) which symbolizes legalization by religion to have children and a social life.

Wanaprastha Asrama : Is the third phase.
This is a time to staying away from the material world. In this phase we devote our life only to good things since we have less family business in this time. Instead we have more time to reflect and contemplate within ourselves in our daily life.

Sanyasin Asrama (bhiksuka) :