People say being an artist is a blessing because an artist has more sensibility than ordinary people so he/she can receive God’s inspiration more easily.

Artist have many ways to receive inspiration.ideas/revelations from around the world. In the past Balinese artists caught revelation/ideas/inspirations from God through a ceremony which was called pawintenan. This ceremony was led by a priest (pemangku).

The most important consideration is that the body of the artist should be clean to absorb ideas or inspiration from the holy God. We clean our body by bathing but soul cleaning is done by done a traditional ritual named pawintenan.

It is pity that the younger generation never do this riual anymore. For that reason I would like to return to our traditional concept from our ancestor: the pawintenan ritual.

I hope by this ritual process I can keep my holy mind and soul clean and a receptable worthy to convey inspirational visions/ideas/revelations given by God. Them I will be successful as a creative artist.